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Broken Seal and Book

Dale Groutage

About the Author

Dale Groutage is the co-author of five other books, and a regular columnist for the Casper Star-Tribune. Following his retirement from the US Navy as a senior scientist in 2003, Dale and his wife Nancy moved back to their home state of Wyoming to live on a small ranch outside of Lander. In Lander, he was a substitute teacher at Lander's Middle School and High School. Taking pride in his work, Dale finds it very rewarding to teach. He has a deep appreciation to see your young teenagers reach their potential. In 2019, Dale and Nancy moved to Neenah, Wisconsin to be closer to their children.

Early Life & Childhood

Being born in a very poor coal camp to a family stricken by poverty, Dale knows firsthand the struggles of people who grow up in those environments. As a child, he greatly enjoyed reading and drew inspiration from what he read for pursuing a better life. This drive is what led him to engineering school.

Scholastic & Professional Accomplishments

Dale attended the University of Wyoming and received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in the field of engineering. Using his stellar education, he soon went on to acquire employment with the United States government. As a senior scientist for the US Navy, he developed missile guidance and submarine silencing technology. For his service to his country, he was inducted into the University of Wyoming Engineering Hall of Fame in 2004, and has been honored as one of the top ten engineers in the federal government by the National Society of Professional Engineers.